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Mergers & Aquisition

We help identify prospective Businesses/ Enterprises/ Institution that have the capacity and capability to invest and/or are open to divest and /or accept capital infusion.
We initiate exploratory discussions and follow thru negotiations.
We assist in determining synergy between enterprise and it’s management culture.
We assist in due diligence from legal , financial and historical information vital for
the enterprise and it’s shareholders.
We assist in the formulation and crafting of an strategic vision for the enterprises.
We assist in in the documentation and conclusion of the deal.
We provide guidance and introduction of underwriter for Fund Raising Activity.

Selling a Bus

Sales in the business are more exciting than the journey there is. For many, it is a
journey for life, the culmination of a career. Appointment of a consultant might just be the most important business decision you ever make!

Having the right advisor by your side, a smooth, confidential sale process can be
carried out with minimal disruption to your business. Utilizing the right type of process, as well as engaging the prospective buyers, are some of the vital components that can make the business successful or not.

CapitalWise specializes in selling businesses. We work closely with our customers
throughout the process, to guide them through all the possible pitfalls. The keys to the sale of the business is easier to understand, but difficult to provide. You need experienced consultants who have done this successfully many times before, to achieve excellent results time after time.

CapitalWise are able to maximize value for business owners when it comes to the
sale by offering a range of services far beyond the simple match-making role of mediators. CapitalWise adds significant value to the sales process by:

1. Prepare your company in advance to a survey by buyers.

2. Understanding of what drives business value and also the one that weighs the
value, so when it comes to talks           with potential buyers of the story, as well as a credible defensible.

3. Quantify and communicate the third stand-alone, synergy and strategic value, with
proprietary techniques.

4. Extensively to examine the possibility of trade and financial buyers from around
the world.

5. Implement and maintain the confidentiality of the bidding process.

6. Negotiation skill to get maximum price and best contract terms for the seller
What Now?

If your company has operating profits of $500,000 or more, contact us now for a no obligation, 
confidential interview with one of CapitalWise experts.

Contact us today and let us help you achieve the best possible price for your

Preparing To Sell The Company?

Many companies are marketed for sale without being properly prepared for the rigors of
the buyer in a sales process.

The execution of the business process of sale, which is not properly prepared can be
disastrous for the shareholders, both in business is to sell and shareholder value can be removed from the market awareness of the failure of the sales process, or the value is much lower than could be achieved by properly preparing the business for sale in advance.

Ensure a good result requires careful research! With extensive experience in corporate
sales, CapitalWise includes precisely what actions can and should be considered before implementing.

Why CapitalWise To Help Prepare My Business For Sale?

Shareholders often underestimate the level of scrutiny that your company will be
subject to the buyers. And you can not always predict the kind of questions and concerns that potential buyers may have.

CapitalWise consultants can help you prepare for sale to potential suppliers for the
following reasons:

1. They first experienced the kinds of questions buyers ask several times, so they are
well placed to anticipate.

2. They can look objectively to companies and see the weaknesses and problems,
providers are often too subjective       to see themselves.

3. Experienced consultants are professionals who can help you take corrective action
to make a difference for the             company and its sale value.

4. They work closely with our customers to get under the skin of the business to
understand more deeply than most       advisors are ready to make.

5. Unlike most advisors, who are solely focused on the cost of success they get when
a business is sold, CapitalWise       has a genuine interest in getting the best value for its customers, even if it means the distribution of "hard - love "       advice.

What Now?

If you are thinking of selling a business now or in the future and would be willing to discover more about what can be done in advance to expand the value, then, call us now for a no-commitment conversation with one of our advisors.

Preparation Key To Selling A Business

Sensible person rushes into the final climb of a mountaineering expedition. The
risks and opportunities involved in the sale of a business deserve no less consideration.

Unfortunately, most of M & A advisors lack of interest in sell-side experience to
produce meaningful results. Preparing to sell the company, if you squeeze in a few weeks early in the process of selling the business will never be as effective as a well-designed during the preparation carried out for several months, which includes data collection,
research and marketing materials tailored to individual buyers.

When preparing to sell a business CapitalWise recommend a thorough preparatory
work along the following lines, where possible:

Understanding the Entity

To market the company to potential buyers, M & A advisors consultant needs a
comprehensive understanding of the company. This understanding can be achieved through a cursory review of accounts and a couple of hours meeting with management. Adviser needs to understand its history, the issues they are currently facing, as well as potential opportunities that could be pursued to help identify, quantify and articulate the paths of growth and future potential buyers interested.

Buyer Research

Many banks print industry standard lists to potential buyers who are easily prepared
in the short term. When selling a business, CapitalWise takes a different approach. CapitalWise has a dedicated research department that does nothing, but to develop an analysis of the right buyer for the businesses for sale. Our custom search provides a detailed list of first-time buyers, second largest industry and the third and grouped by geography.

We are proud to think "outside the box" analysis of potential buyers, and even if the
seller is probably a good idea who might want to buy a business, we are confident that buyers would not have thought embryonic dig.


To determine how much your business is worth is the key to selling a business

There are many advisers who can quickly put out the assessment based on
discounted cash flows or a mechanical analysis of the multiples. However, the real value of business evaluation exercise will begin a thorough knowledge of the business and its revenue and cost drivers, with its position in the competitive landscape in which it operates.

This understanding is then used to adapt the more mechanical aspects of the
evaluation, and can only be achieved by spending time in research, management and its place in the industry. The estimate of the resulting value should include both the value is one and a strategic value in the hands of every potential buyer.

Marketing Materials

The main document used by buyers to know and evaluate the company called the
Information Memorandum (or "Memo Information"). This is a comprehensive document that brings CapitalWise (with your help) when selling the company to be able to introduce and fully explain the company and its earnings.

Typically, information of the note will take several weeks to complete - the shortest
 and could go to market with a document that does not do full justice to the opportunity offered by your company.

Preparation of Due Diligence

To promote the progress of society during the post-marketing can easily be empty
hasty or careless preparation of due diligence. The seller has to know exactly what information must be presented during the due diligence process, and what needs to be stopped. It is a thin line seems to be too much and too little. Buyers seek to extract as much
information as possible to company, while it may not be in the interest of the seller seems to be too (not to weaken their competitive position). We recommend what is appropriate, and make sure you are well prepared to withstand the surveillance of potential buyers during the due diligence.

Business valuation service

What is our assessment of the company?

We are working on what your company is currently worth and why.
Who is it for?

Our business valuation is for anyone who wants a popular company, if the sale of a business
or considering a takeover bid. How long does it take? Business valuation takes account of the week, when we have the information necessary business.

Why should I use the CapitalWise to value my company?

We are in the market and know about the feelings of the current buyer. If your company is
worth less than $100 million, the investment bank is won’t very interested in helping you. If it's worth less than U.S. $30 million, neither the corporate finance groups at the big accounting firms .

CapitalWise is designed to provide the service across the entire spectrum,
from $500 million $5000000. You will be treated as a valued customer, not an end to the sale of other financial services. We give you the attention of executives and independent advice to the old, pure conflict of interest, as attempts to fund selected buyers at the same time. Simply put, CapitalWise is an expert in the sale of a business in a premium.

The next step?

A team you can trust to provide objective support.
Why most acquisitions destroy value? Because buyers tend to overpay, underestimate risks, lack of negotiation of contractual protection and integrate wrong.

CapitalWise Finance team approach is to offer four services on its own merits.
  Success fees create obvious conflicts of interest for acquisition advisors. CapitalWise handles such conflicts by focusing exclusively on the client's interests, but we are happy to be paid at an hourly rate and materials, which puts us above reproach. It is yours.

Assessment and Evaluation of Competition

You definitely need a realistic assessment of what your goal is interesting. But
evaluation markers can be misleading if the competition is thin (or particularly intense). So you also need information on the market who else is in your race.
CapitalWise are ways of reaching parts that other banks cannot reach.

Due Diligence

We are a practical and convenient: the first focuses on the fundamentals of
go / no-go decision quickly and cheaply. Only if the "go" you should go into more detail, with full due diligence team.

Negotiation support

We appreciate the regular cooperation with your lawyer to negotiate a quantity
and commercial points of sale contract - especially the reps and warranties. We must also be protected by way of practical and cost-effective procedures for dispute resolution.

Post Acquisition Support

Our experience will help the leaders to increase the company before the sale
provides the platform for our post-acquisition Integration Support Service. We focus on setting objectives for the establishment of the new company a consistent management process and pick the best people for the future.

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